What is GenoSolution

GenoSolution considers 11physical traits by
analyzing genes from your buccal epithelial cell.

What can be found through GenoSoltion Genetic Test Service?


Physical Traits

  • Body Mass Index

    Predicts whether or not you
    will tend to get fat.

    The list of genetic test

    Accumulation of Fat (FTO), Energy Homeostasis & Intake control (MC4R), Causing over-eating (BDNF)

  • Pigmentation

    Predicts your skin color and
    whether you will have spots or

    The list of genetic test

    Melanin Pigment Generation (OCA2), Melanin
    Pigment Formation control & Protection from UV rays (MC1R)

  • Hair Loss

    Predicts whether you will
    have hair loss.

    The list of genetic test

    Male-pattern Hair Loss {chr20p11(1), chr20p11(2)},
    Alopecia Areata (IL2RA, HLA-DQB1)

  • Hair Thickness

    Predicts whether your hair will be
    thick or thin.

    The list of genetic test

    Hair Thickness (EDAR)

  • Skin Aging

    Predicts the rate at which
    your skin will age.

    The list of genetic test

    Glycation & Wrinkle Formation
    {AGER(1), AGER(2)}


Physiological Traits

  • Triglyceride Level

    Predicts your ability to metabolize
    neutral fat.

    The list of genetic test

    Neutral Fat Metabolism (GCKR,ANGPTL3,TRIB1)

  • Cholesterol Level

    Predicts whether your blood
    cholesterol will be high or low.

    The list of genetic test

    LDL Cholesterol level adjusting (HMGCR, ABO)
    HDL Cholestrol level adjusting (ABCA1, LIPG)

  • Blood Glucose Level

    Predicts whether your control over blood glucose levels will be good or not.

    The list of genetic test

    Insulin Reaction Velocity (DGKB-TMEM195)
    Insulin Secretion (CDKN2A/2B, GCK, GLIS3)

  • Blood Pressure

    Predicts how well you can control
    the two phases of heart beating
    that affect blood pressure, systole
    and diastole.

    The list of genetic test

    Minimum BP (GUCY1A3, FGF5)
    Maximum BP (ATP2B1, NPR3, CYP17A1)

  • Vitamin C Level

    Predicts whether you will
    require extra vitamin C or not.

    The list of genetic test

    Vitamin C Absorption {SLC23A1(1), SLC23A1(2)}

  • Caffeine Metabolism

    Predicts your efficiency to
    metabolize caffeine.

    The list of genetic test

    Caffeine Breakdown (AHR,CYP1A1-CYP1A2)

GenoSolution Service Procedure

  • 1

    Go on to our website
    and apply for the service.

  • 2

    Then we will send a kit(1)
    for sample collection to you.

  • 3

    Follow the instruction and
    collect your sample(2).

  • 4

    Send the kit back(3)
    with your sample included.

  • 5

    Put the barcode information(4)
    on our website.

  • 6

    You can check
    your result through our website.

※ This test has not established the clinical significance of the test results, and there is still insufficient objective validity that the
     following health related activities are useful.

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