What is Genetic Test?

Heredity is the phenomenon that genetic traits get
transmitted from parents to children, and gene is
the mediator for this sort of information.

GenoSolution analyzes such genetic information,
and interprets for easier comprehension of our
customers and deliver to them.

The test results provided by GenoSolution are irrelevant to
disease diagnosis.
Consultation with a doctor is required for diagnosis and
treatment decisions.

Language within my body, ATGC

If computer language is composed of information in 0s and 1s, life forms are expressed in 4 bases,
Genetic characteristics are expressed depending on how these bases are aligned.

My life can also be determined and
improved by myself and my lifestyle.

Although genes are the foundation of who I am,
I can improve my life by changing my lifestyle and
GenoSolution helps rebuild my lifestyle by
knowing who I am genetically.

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